SOH19 States of Nature 'Sun Enlightenment'
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SOH19 States of Nature: Sun Enlightenment

Together with the project an international publication will be released. The book
“SOH19 States of Nature; Sun enlightenment” will be presented to the public also on September 12. The book will cover the history of its conception, with a focus on the different disciplines that converged during the creation; physics and art, technology and spirituality, solar cult and sustainable energy, biological processes and social interaction.
Essays from (a.o.) Marcel Möring (‘the Great Longing’), Vincent Icke (astrophysicist), Robert Greene (‘The 48 Laws of Power’), IJsbrand van Veelen (VPRO), Koert van Mensvoort (TU/e) en Jan van Adrichem (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam).

Alex Vermeulen & Frans Snik (ed.), SOH19 States of Nature; Sun enlightenment, Pijama Publishers, 144 p., release September 12th 2006

Quotes from the book;

  • Caroline Bos
  • Fred Spier

‘The uplifting effects of light which are transformed from a metaphor into a literal effect in Alex Vermeulen’s artwork “SOH19”, are not necessarily religious in origin or intent. Light, both as a physical and representational medium in architecture, is timeless.
Psychologically compelling and spiritually enduring, ultimately, the most transcendental and universal quality encapsulated in this work is its ability to evoke a profound human response to its skilful organization of light.’

Caroline Bos,
art historian and co-founder of UNStudio, with Ben van Berkel.

‘In every outdoor pond on the earth, the universe is reflected. It may be an image of the sun during the day, or of the moon and the stars at night. Even when the sky is overcast, radiation from space hits the water day and night and is either absorbed or reflected. In other words, the fact that a pond would reflect the universe is no big deal.
There may be, however, only one pond in the whole wide world that also shows how the cosmos works. I will argue that the artwork SOH19 States of Nature demonstrates the general mechanism of how everything that has ever existed has emerged and disappeared, including the tiniest particles, life and human culture, all the way up to the largest structures in the universe.’

Fred Spier,
interdisciplinary associate professor, University of Amsterdam.

SOH19 States of Nature: Sun Enlightenment
Alex Vermeulen & Frans Snik (ed.)
144 pages, Pijama Publishers
release September 12th 2006

SOH19 States of Nature / Sun enlightenment / Sublime / Pressrelease / Webcam

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SOH19 States of Nature
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