An interactive, virtual square;
an architectural performance on the internet.
from 2004 ongoing

Email your suggestions, plans, uses of art and architectonic ideas, adding designs to existing or imaginary squares and ‘non-places’ or revising given (also virtually designed) situations; send us images (max. 300dpi, 1800 pixels, 15×10 cm) of your ideal square, your imaginary dream place to

In the concrete reality of

today’s world,

places and spaces

became intertwined and blend together.

Marc Auge

A database of all the existing physical squares of the world

forms a new public domain where ideas,

memories, ideals and the physical manifestations

that embody them are united.

An open source,

interactively accessible for everyone,

from which models for public places,

can develop, either virtually or physically,

into a Global Meeting Place.

From this boundless meeting point

unknown divisions or relationships can be

explored and possibly lead to new

subjective sub-places which, in turn, can


And so fiction and non-fiction,

dreams and ideals might fuse and coexist

in an innovative state of visualisation.