Meditation as alchemy
Meditation can be compared to the quest of mediaeval alchemists for the philosopher’s stone. They were seeking a method for changing lead into gold. Lead symbolizes the state of a spirit that has turned inwards and with a low level of awareness. Gold represents the human being with a liberated, unattached and enlightened spirit.

The Sufis agree with this concept. The search to transform a base metal into a precious metal is also a model for a spiritual process for them. Instead of lead they use mercury. Mercury is a liquid metal that is in constant motion, just like the thoughts and emotions of human beings. In the Sufi alchemy the mercury is first made into silver and then into gold. The essential ingredient, the catalyst in this process of change, is fire or heat. For the Sufis this is a symbol of love. Love for others is to the Sufis what the philosopher’s stone is to the Alchemists. Only love makes life worthwhile according to the Sufis. That is why they call their method of meditation ‘the alchemy of happiness’.

SOH21 the pendant, for everyone but only you

This piece of ‘jewellery’ is an alchemistic instrument that you can use in your own personal way as your feelings and intuition determine. The pendant is made of brass. At the centre of the pendant is a hermetically sealed capsule filled with 45% mercury. The mercury is always moving, like the movement inherent in the human mind. The brass conducts heat well. It quickly assumes the body temperature of the wearer and retains it for quite some time. This oval object hangs from a rubber cord and the split bead is made of silver.