Dear folks,

We’re putting together a film.
The name of our project is: Where Were You


The aim of the film is to convey through testimonials that the “Corona shift” happened to EVERYBODY and that it has impacted all personal stories.

We would love you to participate.


The film is about you, me, us… a series of personal portraits of people around the globe. Helps us bring about the extent of the impact on all aspects of Human life.

In a moment, each person had to face his/her own destiny exactly where they were. We believe this is impactful and that testimonials weaved together artfully can awaken a sense of connection and empathy beyond borders & boundaries.

The process is simple:


  • Shoot (with your phone) a less than 1 min video to tell us:


1/ Where you were (when you realise what was happening)

2/ What happened?

3/ Your first thoughts.


Guideline: Shoot in landscape mode (horizontal). Close-up or medium close-up + use earbuds with mic.

Medium close-up

If you can shoot with a background that shows “where you are” geographically. Also, if you are able to shoot a few videos of your environment (with or without people – landscape mode), that will be very helpful to complete the work.


We really hope that you will be willing to tell us your story. True and simple.


Send your video to If the file is bigger than 10mb use and transfer to If you need assistance to send us the file, feel free to contact us directly by email.


Please send us your footage before May 15th, after we can no longer include your video. We will keep updated on the advancement of the project. The progress of the project can be followed on this page.


This is not for profit but from our hearts and we would like to get it together “quick” to hopefully touch people while they are still “in it”.


Instead of dividing ourselves, lets unite in this situation we’re all in globally. Please share and invite your friends and family to participate.


NOTE, by sending your video to you automatically agree that we are using your video only for the film “Where Were You”. We guarantee that the footage will not be used for any other purpose or passed to third parties.


With infinite love and gratitude,


Salika Lamour, producer.
SOH Alex Vermeulen, director.