de WATERTOREN – AK – Oost-Souburg/Vlissingen

– The last exhibition –
Alex Vermeulen ‘SOH16 Tour des Sens’

Installations, video and sculpture
17-04 / 12-06-2005
Now extended up to
July 17, 2005

Opening on Sunday April 17th. 2005 at 15 pm
Open from Wednesday till Sunday
from 12 am to 5 pm.

In 1988, Alex Vermeulen, was the first exhibitor of deWATERTOREN AK. Now,
June 2005, this exhibition space will close her doors and Vermeulen will be
the last exhibitor of the rich exhibition program. For this special event,
he developped the multimedium installation ‘SOH16 Tour des Sens’. The title
refers to the location, to the journey that Alex Vermeulen offers to the
visitor and also to the rotation, the hallucination that this journey may
produce as well physically as mentally.
Alex Vermeulen represents the essence of our time, wonders about the
mechanisms that define her, the direction she is going to and how she places
us on the horns of dilemma.

SOH16 is an experience, a vertiginous journey of senses from floor to floor,
from city-noise to inner extasy. Hard, sensible, humorous and sensual.
Vermeulen allows the visitor to be participant and witness of the leaden and
featherlight metropolitan dynamics. He places them in a larger context. As
opposition to videos and pictures, Alex Vermeulen presents the sculptures of
stylized figures. A web of meanings can be unfolded between the spectator
and the moving digital images, the stills and the sculptures of polyester,
steel, messing and lead.