SOH17 the Mood Rooms is a collection of three autonomous, architectural installations. The senses are continuously stimulated, in response to which the brain produces a ‘mood’. This constant interplay between the physical, mental and emotional body is the central theme of the Mood Rooms.

This project engages all the senses which then go on to play an important role in the visitor’s perception. The spectator does experience the work at a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level. The installations are instruments that appeal to our senses, they are manipulated by a ‘palette’ of different media and make an appeal to each individual’s frame of reference. In this respect the visitor becomes a participator in the work of art – a work of art that stimulates all the senses – going directly to the core of a person’s individual perception.

SOH17 the Mood Rooms is a joint- project involving a multi-media from the artist: Alex Vermeulen, a designer: Gilian Schrofer (Concern), a composer: Mads Nordheim and an architect Theo Deutinger (TD architects).